Test Olevmedia Plugin

Demos of all the OlevMedia plugin stuff.

To use them you have to work in the edit screen with Black Side Bar, then there is a green circle with a white cross in the formatting menu, where you select the thing you want to add.


Three sections selected. This would be good for a FAQ page. You can make some sections default to open on page load.

Do I get a garden? Who cuts the grass

The area between your caravan and the next caravan, on the side with your door, is your garden. You can plant what you want in it. We cut the grass for you. However if you put in so many plants that we can’t get in with the mower, then you will have to cut the grass.

Can I put up a fence?

No. We do not allow any wooden fencing or trellis on our parks (except Elliotts).

Where can I park my car?

Generally you can park one vehicle beside your caravan, however parking varies on each park. Ask the Park Manager about the parking arrangements when you visit.

The colours can be controlled by adding this additional CSS to the Appearance, Edit CSS thing. Have a look at the W3Schools page https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/default.asp to learn more about properties. At least this tells you what the toggle is called.

.omsc-toggle {background: #e6ffe6;}
.omsc-toggle:hover {background: #ccffcc;}
.omsc-toggle-inner {background: #ffffff;}

I have been struggling to apply a differnt format to just one Toggle. I think i should be able to give it an ID using id=”IDName” in the html, and then apply formatting using code below, but it does not seem to work!

#IDName.omsc-toggle {background: #ff3399;}

Accordion Toggle

Can just contain text. This one contains a TablePress table

Show Hire Caravan Prices
[table “8” not found /]

Accordion Tabs

Three tabs selected. This is responsive on mobile devices.

Content for tab1. This does not work on the WordPress preview screen, but is okay in the Chrome web browser.

Content for tab2

Content for tab3

Box With Border

Funny you need a plugin to create something so basic.

Special Message Box
Blah ja dslfkjsa dksadj flkasj flkasdj. Jlkjlfk ajlskjf lkasjf lkajs flkasjd flaskjfd asdfl;kj. Hlkj lkaj flkjas l;fkjkaesjf lkejf lkejf egg.


Seems you have to start all over again if you want to edit the button.

HTML Colour Picker


This is responsive on mobile devices, and the columns collapse to separate paragraphs.

2 Columns

Column 1 content here
Column 2 content here

3 Columns

Column 1 content here. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy pig.
Column 2 content here. Take this bucket and go feed the chickens.
Column 3 content here. Where is the nearest bank?


Divider lines, set as percentage of width.


Shows little dingbat icons


Red sky at night, shepherds delight.


You can create bullet point lists, using a variety of dingbat icons. But unfortunately the text does not line up with the bullet point!!!

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • Item 5


Seems to be an easier way of using the google map thing.


This is my marker text

Table – Pricing Table

This is clever. I assume the Featured command is making the first column slightly larger. You could use a pricing table to show the caravans for sale in a way that would look good on mobile devices. You should explore other pricing table plugins.

  • Column 2 Name
    comment here
  • $100
    per month
  • Parameter1
  • Parameter2
  • Parameter3
  • Parameter4
  • Parameter5
  • SignUp
  • Column 3 Name
    comment here
  • $100
    per month
  • Parameter1
  • Parameter2
  • Parameter3
  • Parameter4
  • Parameter5
  • SignUp

Table – Table

The basic table feature does not seem to work.

[table “” not found /]

Utilities – Vertical Space

Controls vertical spacing. The next line is 70 pixels away.

Can you do negative spacing?

Yes you can, as this is the next line at minus 50!

Contols vertical spacing. This is useful, but would be a pain if you started using it on every page, and you have to be careful as it only controls paragraph spacing, not line spacing. You could use this to put the address details closer to your page headings.

Itchenor Caravan Park

Shipton Green Lane, Itchenor, West Sussex, PO20 XYZ – 01243 514433

Old Stuff

Bullet pointed links to all the parks so you don’t have to keep recreating them.

Web Site Colours

Dark Green – 75% – #008001

Light Green – 5% – #e6ffe6

Slightly Darker Light Green – 10% – #ccffcc