Data Privacy Policy

Green Wood Parks holds the name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses of our customers (their Private Data) to allow us to maintain and administer their accounts with us.

We use the data only in the pursuance of our “Core Business”, namely the day to day upkeep of their Caravan, Mooring or Hire Caravan accounts with us. This Core Business includes any insurance quotation they may require annually for which we are the Agent and also any other insurance document which they may be required to submit to us.

The Private Data is held securely on our Head Office computer database, as well as a paper record held securely in our Park Offices. We rely upon our customers to ensure they notify us of any changes to their personal data, and we can make our records available to them upon reasonable request. We will hold this data for the duration of their contract with us, after which time we may keep the data securely, but only for as long as we are legally required to do so.

If a customer asks us to employ the services of a tradesman or a company on their behalf, such as a Plumber or  Balcony/Skirting supplier, we would share limited data (usually their telephone number or email address) with them, to allow them to contact you.

We do not distribute our customers Private Data in any way for any other purpose, nor do we at any time ever sell data on to a third party.