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Email Problem Now Fixed – Due to a technical issue we were unable to access our main email account from Tue 19/05/20 to Sun 24/05/20. Normal service has now been resumed, and we will be responding to all outstanding messages over the next few days. To avoid the problem in the future, we have set up a new email account tied to our company domain name, and we will slowly be moving all email correspondence across to the new email address. Both email addresses should continue to work over the next few months.


All our holiday caravan parks are currently closed. Please read the following…

Coronavirus Update


Discussions with local Councils to request some sort of access for caravan owners yielded mixed responses which initially looked promising, but then then became a lot less promising as the week progressed and the Government provided further information regarding visits to holiday homes. Unfortunately discussions with the Councils are currently on hold as we lost access to our email account on 19/05/20. When we regain access, we will try and move things further forward.

We currently suggest all caravan owners write to their local MPs (and the MP of the district your caravan park is in) to ask for holiday caravan parks to be able to open before 4th July for privately owned static caravan owners. Your caravans are all self-contained units that can be used without requiring access to any communal facilities, you can drive to them door to door without interacting with any other person, and they are probably safer to visit than many other businesses that have already been permitted to open. The argument that you may overwhelm local beauty spots is now a nonsense as you can already drive to any of those attractions. You can find names and contact details for all MP’s on this web site –


On 10/05/20 Boris Johnson announced that restrictions will be slowly lifted from 13/05/20 and subsequently the Government has published a variety of documents to explain their phased plan to allow people to leave their homes, and businesses to reopen, over the next few months.

Unfortunately caravan parks have been put in the same category as pubs and restaurants, and the current position is that caravans parks are required to stay closed and people are not permitted to stay in their holiday homes until the 4th July (as per section 3 in Staying Alert & Safe and section 1.9 in Coronavirus Outbreak FAQs).

We are currently asking local Councils if caravan owners are permitted to visit to check on their caravans or take exercise in the outdoor spaces on our caravan parks. We will let you know as soon as we have an answer.

We are very frustrated and disappointed with the current plan. We feel that the Government does not understand the variety of caravan parks in the sector and thinks that we are all like a Butlins, crowded and full of shared facilities. We believe that our small quiet parks are just as safe as a garden centre or golf course. We are hoping that some of the large caravan and leisure industry bodies like the BH&HPA will start lobbying the government, and that the current plan might get readjusted in the next few weeks.


On 24/03/20 the government instructed all holiday caravan parks to close.

All our hire caravan and touring and camping bookings are suspended until further notice. We are currently permitting customers with bookings between now and the end of June to reschedule their holiday for later this year or any time in the 2021 season. 

All static caravan owners and seasonal tourer customers cannot visit the park, and all customers who were on the park on 24/03/20 were told to go home. The few caravan owners who were unable to leave the park have emailed us to explain why they cannot leave (for example because they live abroad) and have been permitted to stay until the Government/Council instructs us otherwise. Please note that any person turning up after 24/03/20 and hoping to visit or stay in their caravan will be turned away.

On 16/04/20 the government decided the current restrictions would be kept in place for another three weeks, and will then be reviewed again.

During the shutdown the majority of our staff are still working, maintaining the parks and looking after your caravans.

When the parks reopen, we will review the pitch fees for static caravans, seasonal tourers and moorings.

A family business specialising in small, friendly and picturesque caravan parks.

We currently have six holiday parks in the UK and we offer – static holiday caravans for sale on all our parks – holiday caravans for hire on most of our parks – touring and camping on some of our parks.

Bablock Hythe (Oxfordshire)

Elliotts (Hampshire)

Grey Tower (East Sussex)

Itchenor (West Sussex)

Thirkleby (North Yorkshire)

Tollerton (North Yorkshire)

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