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Coronavirus Updates & General News


On the 4th January 2021 the government announced a new national lockdown. The details are in the following link:

Caravan Sales Visits – Caravan sales visits are not allowed and caravan sales are suspended until further notice.

Caravan Owner Park Visits – We shall revert to our previously agreed rules with the council. Only essential maintenance visits are permitted for owners or their repair contractors between 12pm and 2pm (during office hours on weekdays), and MUST be booked in advance with the park manager. Numbers will be strictly controlled and the gates will be locked outside of these times. If owners or external contractors turn up without a booking they will be turned away. Please follow all social distancing rules whilst on site, and keep interaction with our staff to a minimum. The government has asked we all stay at home to save lives, so please do not book a visit unless it is absolutely essential. If you are worried about your caravan or plot after any bad weather events, please speak to the Park Managers who are doing regular inspections of the parks, rather than booking a visit.

Bablock Hythe – as there is still residual flood water in the area, we are not allowing any owner/contractor maintenance visits to the park. We shall re-assess the week starting 18th January.


Thirkleby & Tollerton – Following the recent government announcement of the tier regions which places North Yorkshire in tier 2, we are planning to reopen Thirkleby Hall and Tollerton from 9am on Thursday 3rd December.

The following link gives the government rules for each tier:

The following link gives the current government tier listing for each region:

All caravan owners living in a tier 3 region should follow the government statement about travelling and staying overnight away from home:

“…avoid travelling to other parts of the UK, including for overnight stays other than where necessary, such as for work, education, youth services, to receive medical treatment, or because of caring responsibilities.”

Caravan Sales Visits – We can now restart caravan sales visits for all our parks from Thursday 3rd December. All sales visits must be booked in advance with the relevant Park Manager.

Caravan Owner Park Visits – The normal rules for visiting our parks (Itchenor, Bablock Hythe, Elliotts, Grey Tower) when they are closed for winter now apply – Caravan owners are permitted to make a short visit to inspect and perform essential maintenance on their caravans. All visits must be booked in advance with your Park Manager and should not last longer than 1 hour.


Due to the ongoing coronavirus uncertainty, we are not currently taking any hire caravan bookings for the 2021 season. Please call us after 1st February, when hopefully we will know a bit more.



It is with great sadness that we have to inform our customers that Margaret Leadbitter passed away on Friday 6th Nov.

Much loved by all our staff and customers, Margaret had been working with us at the head office since 1998, and was a valued member of the Green Wood Parks team. Her energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour will be missed.

For anyone who wishes to make a donation to a charity special to Margaret, as a legacy in her memory, her family have kindly provided the following JustGiving page.


Due to a scheduled power cut in the Chichester/Birdham/Itchenor area, the electricity supply to all the caravans at Itchenor will be turned off from 8am to 3pm on Wed 11th November. The office is not affected.


The government has implemented a new national shutdown from 05/11/20, which is expected to last until 02/12/20. During this time the following restrictions will apply:

Thirkleby & Tollerton – Both parks, which are normally open at this time, will unfortunately have to shut at 4.30pm on Wednesday 4th November. Any customers at Thirkleby or Tollerton should make plans to vacate the park and return home.

Caravan Sales Visits – All caravans sales visits on all our parks will be suspended during the shutdown.

Caravan Park Visits – Caravan owners should be staying at home during the shutdown, but are permitted to make a short visit to perform essential maintenance work on their caravans, such as draining it down for the winter. All visits must be booked in advance with your Park Manager and should not last longer than 1 hour.


We are in the process of preparing the Elliotts 2021 Season renewal letters, which should be posted out in a few weeks time. Any customers wishing to take out the optional winter drain down service who do not want to wait to receive the renewal letter, can download the Frost Precautions Form here, complete it and return it to head office or the park, with your payment.


We are sadly approaching the end of the season at Itchenor, Bablock Hythe, Elliotts and Grey Tower on 31/10/20. At the same time, the Government are in the process of announcing new restrictions, and it is difficult to predict exactly what is going to happen, but there could be a return to some form of lockdowns. As caravan owners on these four parks are not permitted to stay in their caravans after the season ends, it is important that all caravan owners on these parks (including those that live abroad) monitor the Governments announcements and return home before any lockdown is imposed.


The Government announced new restrictions affecting Northern England yesterday:

This states:

“Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Halton, Liverpool City Region, (Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens, the Wirral) and Warrington will be brought in line with the latest measures announced on Monday for Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Northumberland and Sunderland in the North East.”

“From midnight on Saturday 3 October, residents in the Liverpool City Region, Halton, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough must not meet anyone outside their household or bubble in any indoor setting, including private homes and gardens. These measures will be enforceable by law and subject to fines.”

“We also recommend that people do not meet with anyone outside their household or bubble in outdoor public spaces, such as parks and outdoor hospitality.”

“Residents in these areas are also advised to only travel for essential reasons, such as going to work, or school and are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible.”

Whilst the advice is for essential travel only, it still seems that residents from these areas are able to use their caravans if they choose to. However if they do come to the park, they are NOT allowed to mix with any other households in their caravan or garden, and it is recommended they do not to mix with other households in communal outdoor spaces.


The Tollerton & Grey Tower static caravan renewal letters have just been posted out. Bablock, Itchenor and Thirkleby will be posted out in the next few days. As we normally send them out slightly earlier, the deadline for you to return your signed forms and make your first payment has been pushed back to 31st Oct.

As promised, the coronavirus rent refund is being credited off your rent deposit, and the lower VAT rate is being applied to the whole years rent. There are 7 bits of paper, but the coloured Application Form tells you what you need to do:

  1. Check your address and contact details on the coloured Application Form and make sure we have your current email address. Sign and return it to us. Pay your Rent Deposit PLUS Electricity Bill MINUS Coronavirus Rent Refund by 31st Oct.
  2. If you want to take out the optional Frost Precautions, sign the Frost form and make your payment by 31st Oct.
  3. Renew your caravan insurance by 31st Oct (all parks except Elliotts). GoldParks should send your renewal letter to you directly.
  4. Pay your Rent Balance by 15th Feb.

We have tried to make the paperwork as simple as possible. Call us at head office on 01243 514433 during office hours Mon to Fri if you are not sure what to do. Our bank details are printed on the Information Sheet.


The government has announced new restrictions to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, as the infection rate has been rising rapidly in recent weeks. The rule for hospitality staff to wear masks seems to apply to indoor venues only. We are currently asking all customers to maintain a safe 2 meter distance from staff and other customers while on the park, to minimise the mingling of households inside caravans, and to avoid going in the park offices unless absolutely necessary and then you must wear a mask.




As promised, we are issuing a partial rent refund to all static caravan owners, seasonal tourer and mooring customers who were unable to use their caravans during the coronavirus shutdown. Unfortunately we cannot give you a full pro rata refund, as we incurred running costs providing a pitch for your caravan and keeping majority of our staff working to maintain the parks and look after your caravans during the closed period. Our refund is a compromise that we feel is fair for both you and for us.

Static Caravan Owners – We will be giving all static caravan owners a refund that is equal to 50% of the closed period rent. As most of our parks were closed from 24/03/20 to 03/07/20, which is approximately 28% of the year, you will be effectively getting 14% of this years rent back. Bablock Hythe customers will get a 13% refund, as the season does not start until 1st April.

The rent refund will be distributed to you via a credit note and deducted off your 2021 rent deposit. In addition, we think we will be able to pass the majority of the reduced VAT rate to our customers on all of next years rent. So although we will put our prices up, you should still get an additional VAT reduction as well as the refund.

Itchenor customers please note that it is too complicated to offer the discounted rent rate to people who pay the rent in full in October, so that offer will be suspended. Also, as your refund is more than the usual rent deposit, we will increase the rent deposit for Itchenor customers to ensure you are not paying us a negative amount. Your rent balance will then be reduced accordingly.

Customers who decide to sell their caravans back to us at the end of the season, will get the rent refund when we buy your caravan.

Customers who decide to remove their caravans from the park or dispose of them at the end of the season will have the refund credited off their desite/dispose fee.

Disclaimer – please note that the new digital VAT returns rules, the reduced VAT rate which expires in January, and limitations of our IT systems, have made the process of issuing the refunds quite complicated. If our Accountant, the HMRC, or our IT systems guru tells us we cannot do the refunds or VAT reductions in the way we are planning, then the plan will have to be readjusted.

Seasonal Tourers & Moorings Refunds – We will announce these refunds shortly.


Caravan Owners Who Stayed On The Park During The Shutdown

While we were sympathetic to the caravan owners who live abroad and were unable to return home, we were not happy that some other caravan owners claimed they could not return to their UK home addresses, for a variety of reasons, and stayed in their caravans during the closed period. Caravans on holiday parks can only be used for holidays and you are not permitted to live in them, as per our terms and conditions.

The Local Authorities have collected the names of all caravan owners who stayed during the shutdown, and have made it clear to us that we need to take action against anyone who has put us in breach of our planning permission and site licence.

All caravan owners who admitted they are using their caravans as their primary residence will not be offered a pitch for the 2021 season. This also includes caravan owners who have admitted they are renting out their homes.

All other caravan owners who stayed on the park will be required to provide us with a copy of a current Council Tax bill for their main residence with their names on it. Anyone who cannot provide this will be given the opportunity to appeal to the Planning Enforcement department at the Council, and will be permitted to stay only if Planning Enforcement are willing to verify to us in writing that you live at the address you have given us.

Due to the correlation between the customers who usually take out winter licences at Itchenor and the people who stayed during the shutdown, the optional winter licence will not be offered to anyone at Itchenor this winter. From the following winter it will be offered as winter weekends plus Christmas & New Year.


Due to concerns regarding the safe use of communal washing facilities and the resurgence of coronavirus in the Bradford area, we are still not offering camping or short stay touring pitches at Tollerton or Thirkleby Hall.



CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 13/07/20 4.45pm

The controlled reopening of our parks is going well and we would like to thank our customers for not all returning at the same time and for following the Coronavirus Park Rules when on site.

Visitors – We are now happy for caravan owners to invite other family members and friends to our parks from Monday 13th July, providing you are sensible about the number of people you invite, and you follow current government rules on the number of people who can meet outdoors and indoors. If you invite visitors, you should inform the Park Manager you have visitors coming, and tell him the date, time and number of people visiting. You should also keep a record of their names and contact details in case you are contacted by track & trace.

Refunds – We are now starting to look at the rent refunds issue, and are hoping to announce the refund amounts by the end of July. Thank you for bearing with us.

Camping – We are still not offering camping or short stay touring pitches at Tollerton or Thirkleby Hall due to concerns regarding the safe use of communal washing facilities. We will review this decision at the end of the July.


After three long and frustrating months of shutdown, we are pleased to welcome the majority of our customers back to our parks on 4th July.

Please remember the coronavirus is still around and it is important that we all continue to act sensibly and safely to reduce the risk of transmission. Please read this list of additional Coronavirus Park Rules which will be in place when the parks reopen.

Here is the current reopening plan:

Privately Owned Static Caravans – To reopen on all parks from 9am on 4th July – For caravan owners and their immediate households. We are concerned at how busy the parks could be on the 4th if everyone turns up at the same time. We suggest that anyone who is not working delays their arrival until Monday the 6th. Please do not turn up before 9am on the first day. No visitors or subletting until we let you know.

Hire Caravans – To reopen on all parks from 3pm on 4th July – We have ensured that there is a three day gap between all bookings at Itchenor, Elliotts, Bablock and Thirkleby. We are requesting that Hoseasons space out the bookings at Tollerton. Please follow government guidelines on the mixing of households inside one dwelling. Please note that normal booking terms and conditions apply again. If you have a booking, but are thinking of not coming, it is better to tell us now so we can try and rebook it. Itchenor is fully booked until the end of the season, please do not call.

Seasonal Tourer Pitches – To reopen on Tollerton, Thirkleby & Grey Tower from 9am on 4th July – The communal shower blocks will initially be closed, so you will have to use the washing facilities in your caravans.

Short Stay Touring Pitches – No short stay touring at Tollerton & Thirkleby until further notice, due to issues regarding the safe use of communal washing facilities. We will review the situation on 10th July.

Camping – No camping at Tollerton & Thirkleby until further notice due to issues regarding the safe use of communal washing facilities.

Communal Facilities – All laundries and toilet/shower blocks will be closed until further notice.



Finally some good news from Wealden and Rother Council!

Caravan Owner Visits – Grey Tower – Caravan owners at Grey Tower are now permitted to visit the park for two hours between 12 and 2pm to inspect and maintain their caravans and gardens. All visits must be booked in advance with Don. Please keep face to face interaction with Don and other people to a minimum. Don will not be able to enter your caravan. Numbers are being restricted, but we are hoping everyone will get the chance to visit once before the park reopens properly. 

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 24/06/20 11am

Finally some good news… Boris has announced that caravan parks can open on 4th July!

Opening Dates – We will now start talking to our staff and planning the best and safest way to reopen our parks to all our different types of customers – statics, hire, seasonal, touring, camping, moorings, storage. The Government will be imposing conditions on us, and we may not open up for everything on the same day. Some things, such as camping, might start slightly later. When we have agreed a plan and dates with our staff, we will post it here.

Refunds – As promised, we will be offering some form of refund to our static caravan, seasonal tourers and mooring customers, which will take into account the fact that you have not been able to use your caravan, but also that we have been providing a pitch and security, during the shutdown period. We will announce the refund amounts after we have reopened and had time to calculate our running costs during the closed period. The refund will be offered as a credit note off next years pitch fee. Some parks might be offered a combination of credit note and extended season.

Outstanding 2020 Rents – As refunds will be offered as a credit note off next years pitch fees, we require all static caravan, seasonal tourers and mooring customers to have paid their rent in full for the 2020 season before they start using their caravan when we reopen. Anyone who is experiencing financial hardship can contact us to agree a payment plan.

Documentation – We have created a Covid-19 Customer Guidance document to explain the health and safety measures we have put in place on all our parks to protect our customers and staff.


Caravan Owner Visits – Tollerton – Caravan owners can now make short 2 hour visits to inspect and maintain their caravans at Tollerton. All visits must be booked in advance with the Park Manager.


A message for our all Hire Caravan customers with bookings in place between 4 July and 31 October…

If our caravan parks are permitted to reopen on 4th July, we are confident that static caravan owners will be able to use their own caravans safely. However, we have concerns about same day changeovers in our hire caravans. Therefore, to ensure the safety of our hire customers and cleaning staff we are attempting to spread out all our hire bookings to ensure there is a 3 day gap between every booking for the rest of the season.

Caravan Hire – Elliotts, Bablock Hythe & Thirkleby Hall – Due to the low number of bookings in place we have been able to spread out the bookings with minimal disruption and Elaine has already contacted the few people that were required to shift their dates.

Caravan Hire – Itchenor – As the hire caravans are fully booked, we were presented with a bit of a problem. We initially considered cancelling every other booking, to ensure a safe gap between the remaining bookings. But we have decided it is fairer for all if we leave every booking in place, but reduce each booking to a 4 night holiday. All customers will still arrive at 3pm on Saturday but will now have to leave by 4pm on Wednesday. As we have reduced your stay by 3 nights we will give you a 3/7 refund. If anyone is not happy with a shorter stay, we will cancel your booking and give you a full refund. We apologise for the disruption, but we hope you will understand that this is making visits safer for everyone. Elaine will call you all shortly to notify you. For every cancelled booking, we will be able to let the two bookings either side come for longer, so the situation will evolve as we talk to each customer.

Caravan Hire – Tollerton – We are working with Hoseasons to agree a suitable schedule at Tollerton. Hoseasons will be in touch if there are any changes to existing bookings.

It is still not very clear which types of holiday accommodation will be permitted to open on 4th July, and the video of the Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston being asked to clarify the situation posted on the BH&HPA twitter feed on 11/06/20 does not fill me with confidence. If the government do not let hire caravans reopen on 4th July, we will revise the plan.


Caravan Owner Visits – Thirkleby Hall – Hambleton Council has kindly agreed that static caravan owners may visit Thirkleby for a short time to inspect and maintain their caravans and gardens. All visits must be requested and confirmed so we can restrict numbers. Visits are taking place between 12 and 2, starting on Friday 12th June. You must call the Park Manager in advance to request a visit. He will let you know if you can come on the requested day, and tell you the rules you will be expected to follow while on the park. Please keep face to face interaction with our staff and other owners to a minimum. Staff will not be able to enter your caravan. Anyone who turns up without the Park Managers permission is likely to be turned away.

Caravan Owner Visits – Tollerton – We will hopefully complete up our Covid-19 Risk Assessment tomorrow, and then be able to announce a start date for short visits.


Our recent request for visits for caravan owners did not go well for Itchenor and Grey Tower, as the relevant Councils are still insisting that the government instruction for caravan parks to remain closed is still in place, and wil not allow caravan owner visits at this time.
The good news is that Hambleton Council have received lots of letters from caravan owners at Thirkleby requesting access to inspect and maintain their caravans, and they have seen we are offering short visits for caravan owners on some of our other parks in a safe and controlled way, and they have agreed to let us to introduce them at Thirkleby, once we have submitted a suitable Covid 19 Risk Assessment. We are hoping to be able to offer short visits at Thirkleby very soon, and then we should be able to get the same permission for Tollerton, as it is the same Council.


I can see from our web site stats that approximately half of all our caravan owners are visiting this page every day in the hope that we will have some good news for you. We don’t have much new news yet. The BH&HPA met the Tourism Minister, MP Nigel Huddleston last week and he confirmed that our message has been clearly received. That is something. Now we must wait for the Government to adjust their plan. If you want more updates, you may find the BH&HPA and NCC twitter feeds helpful as they are posting regularly and you don’t need to have a twitter account to view them. Thank you to everyone who wrote to their MP. Your support is appreciated.


Caravan Owner Visits – Elliotts – the Council has agreed that static caravan owners may visit their caravans at Elliotts for a short time to inspect and maintain it or collect a forgotten item. All visits must be requested and confirmed so we can restrict numbers. Visits are taking place between 12 and 2, starting on the 4th June. You must call the Park Manager in advance (during office hours) to request a visit. He will let you know if you can come on the requested day, and tell you the rules you will be expected to follow while on the park. Please keep face to face interaction with our staff and other owners to a minimum. Staff will not be able to enter your caravan. Anyone who turns up without the Park Managers permission is likely to be turned away.

Caravan Sales – All Parks – The BH&HPA have now confirmed that all caravan parks are permitted to start selling caravans. All sales visits must be booked in advance with the Park Manager of the park you wish to visit. Bablock Hythe is starting on 03/06/20. The other parks will be starting as soon as we have our covid-19 H&S procedures in place.


Caravan Sales Bablock Hythe – We are commencing caravans sales visits at Bablock Hythe on Wednesday 3rd June. Sales visits will take place in the afternoons. All sales visits must be booked in advance with the Park Manager, and are limited to 2 adults. Children are not permitted. Please bring you own gloves, mask, and pen (in case you need to sign paperwork). Payments can by made by cheque or bank transfer, but not by cash.

Letters To MPs – All Parks – The excitement of Boris’ statement on 27/05/20 that he might be able to reopen the hospitality sector faster than anticipated has now evaporated, as there have not been any further announcements. We are continuing to urge all caravan owners to write to their MPs. If you have already written, write again. Explain the difference between a hire caravan and your privately owned static caravan, as they do not seem to understand the difference. Ask your MP to explain why you cannot visit or stay in your caravan, when you are the only one that uses it, it is located outdoors, you can drive to it door to door without interacting with any other people, and you don’t need to use any communal facilities (so they can all remain closed).  You can find names and contact details for all MP’s on this web site –


We have been in discussions with local Councils for the last two weeks requesting access for our caravan owners and not got very far. This is the current position…

Caravan Owner Visits – Bablock Hythe – The Council has agreed that static caravan owners may visit their caravans at Bablock Hythe for a short time to inspect and maintain it or collect a forgotten item, providing it is done in a controlled and safe way. Therefore all visits must be requested and confirmed so we can restrict numbers. Visits are taking place between 10 and 12 in the mornings. You must call the Park Manager in advance (during office hours) to request a visit. He will let you know if you can come on the requested day, and tell you the rules you will be expected to follow while on the park. Please keep face to face interaction with our staff and other owners to a minimum. Staff will not be able to enter your caravan. Anyone who turns up without the Park Managers permission is likely to be turned away. Anyone who puts our staff at risk will be asked to leave immediately. If this cannot be managed safely, or the Council changes their mind, this arrangement will be terminated immediately, so please keep an eye on our web site for updates. Visits are currently going well. Thank you all for behaving well and following the rules.

Caravan Owner Visits – All Other Parks – The Councils for Itchenor, Grey Tower, Tollerton and Thirkleby Hall have stated that no access is permitted at this time. We are waiting for a reply for Elliotts.

Static Caravan UseAll Parks – We are currently expecting that static caravan owners will be permitted to use their caravans for overnight stays from 4th July.

Caravan Hire – All Parks – We are currently expecting that caravan hire will be permitted from 4th July, and we are giving customers whose bookings in Mar/Apr/May/Jun could not take place priority to reschedule in Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct this year, but we are not taking any new hire bookings at this point.

Caravan Sales – All Parks – The government has just announced that caravan and motorhome dealers can open on 1st June. If we can get ourselves recognised as caravan dealers (which technically we are), we may be able to open soon for viewings. Watch this space.

Touring & CampingTollerton & Thirkleby – We are not sure what the government is planning for touring and camping as there may be restrictions on using communal toilets and showers when we reopen. You can contact Tollerton or Thirkleby to request a reservation for dates after 4th July, and we can pencil you in, but we cannot guarantee any bookings at this point. We advise customers to contact us in 4 weeks time when we should hopefully know a bit more.


Discussions with local Councils to request some sort of access for caravan owners yielded mixed responses which initially looked promising, but then then became a lot less promising as the week progressed and the Government provided further information regarding visits to holiday homes. Unfortunately discussions with the Councils are currently on hold as we lost access to our email account on 19/05/20. When we regain access, we will try and move things further forward.

We currently suggest all caravan owners write to their local MPs (and the MP of the district your caravan park is in) to ask for holiday caravan parks to be able to open before 4th July for privately owned static caravan owners. Your caravans are all self-contained units that can be used without requiring access to any communal facilities, you can drive to them door to door without interacting with any other person, and they are probably safer to visit than many other businesses that have already been permitted to open. The argument that you may overwhelm local beauty spots is now a nonsense as you can already drive to any of those attractions. You can find names and contact details for all MP’s on this web site –


On 10/05/20 Boris Johnson announced that restrictions will be slowly lifted from 13/05/20 and subsequently the Government has published a variety of documents to explain their phased plan to allow people to leave their homes, and businesses to reopen, over the next few months.

Unfortunately caravan parks have been put in the same category as pubs and restaurants, and the current position is that caravans parks are required to stay closed and people are not permitted to stay in their holiday homes until the 4th July (as per section 3 in Staying Alert & Safe and section 1.9 in Coronavirus Outbreak FAQs).

We are currently asking local Councils if caravan owners are permitted to visit to check on their caravans or take exercise in the outdoor spaces on our caravan parks. We will let you know as soon as we have an answer.

We are very frustrated and disappointed with the current plan. We feel that the Government does not understand the variety of caravan parks in the sector and thinks that we are all like a Butlins, crowded and full of shared facilities. We believe that our small quiet parks are just as safe as a garden centre or golf course. We are hoping that some of the large caravan and leisure industry bodies like the BH&HPA will start lobbying the government, and that the current plan might get readjusted in the next few weeks.


On 24/03/20 the government told everyone to stay at home and instructed all holiday caravan parks to close.

All our hire caravan and touring and camping bookings are suspended until further notice. We are currently permitting customers with bookings between now and the end of June to reschedule their holiday for later this year or any time in the 2021 season. 

All static caravan owners and seasonal tourer customers cannot visit the park, and all customers who were on the park on 24/03/20 were told to go home. The few caravan owners who were unable to leave the park have emailed us to explain why they cannot leave (for example because they live abroad) and have been permitted to stay until the Government/Council instructs us otherwise. Please note that any person turning up after 24/03/20 and hoping to visit or stay in their caravan will be turned away.

On 16/04/20 the government decided the current restrictions would be kept in place for another three weeks, and will then be reviewed again.

During the shutdown the majority of our staff are still working, maintaining the parks and looking after your caravans.

When the parks reopen, we will review the pitch fees for static caravans, seasonal tourers and moorings.

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