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The 2023 season renewal letters for the static caravan owners on all parks were posted out to your home addresses between 13th – 16th Sep, so you should receive them shortly.

We have tried to keep the instructions simple, but if it doesn’t make sense, here is a summary of what you need to do:

  • The coloured Site Application form is your annual contract to site a caravan on the park. Check your contact details at the bottom are correct and that we have your current email address, and then sign and date the form and return it to us.
  • Pay the rent deposit and your electricity bill. You can send a cheque with your Site Application form, or pay by bank transfer. Our bank details are provided on the white Information sheet.
  • Decide if you wish to use our optional Frost Precautions service to drain down your caravan for the winter, and then complete the Frost Precautions form and return it with your payment.
  • You must also insure your caravan. For all parks except Elliotts, you should receive your insurance renewal quote from GoldPark in October. Renew with GoldPark. Or if you have opted to insure with another provider, you must send us a copy of the insurance certificate and pay a £36 admin fee.
  • The rent balance payment is due by 15th February. To avoid forgetting, you can send a postdated cheque back with your Site Application form and we will sit on it until February.
  • If you have sadly decided to give up your caravan, notify us by letter/email. We will then inspect your caravan. If it can be resold on the park, we will make you an offer to buy it, otherwise we will let you know what the disposal costs will be.

If you need any additional assistance, you can call us at head office on 01243 514433 between 9am and 5.30pm Mon to Fri, or email us via our Contact Us page (and don’t forget to tell us your Park, Pitch Number & Surname).

Please remember that the government reduced the VAT rate on holiday caravan rent during the covid crisis, which reduced the gross rent you had to pay for the last two years. But the VAT rate has now gone back up to 20%, which has made the 2023 rent increase look larger than it actually is.

A family business specialising in small, friendly and picturesque caravan parks.

We currently have six holiday caravan parks in the UK and we offer – static holiday caravans for sale on all our parks – holiday caravans for hire on most of our parks – touring and camping on some of our parks:

Bablock Hythe (Oxfordshire)

Elliotts (Hampshire)

Grey Tower (East Sussex)

Itchenor (West Sussex)

Thirkleby (North Yorkshire)

Tollerton (North Yorkshire)

We also have one residential caravan park:

Thameside (Oxfordshire)

Green Wood Parks

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