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GREY TOWER NEWS – 22/10/21

We are hoping to post out the 2022 renewal letters for the Seasonal pitches next week. As they going out later than usual, the deadline to pay your deposits will be adjusted accordingly.

Our Grey Tower customers have probably already heard on the grapevine that the Park Manager Tony will be moving to our Itchenor park, and we are currently recruiting for a new Park Manager for Grey Tower. Thank you to everyone who has applied for the position. We are currently reviewing CVs and planning to interview candidates in December, and then hopefully have the new person start in January/February.


We are pleased to announce the return of the optional Winter Licence at Itchenor, but in a slightly different format from before. This year the Winter Licence will allow you to use your caravan for winter weekends from 9am Friday to 4pm Monday, between 1st Nov and 31st Jan. Plus Christmas & New Year from 9am Fri 17th Dec to 4pm Mon 3rd Jan. No use is permitted in February. The Winter Licence will cost £450 including VAT. Copies of the application form will be available from the office in October. Please note that vehicles cannot be left on the park during the winter, when you are not using your caravan.

2022 SEASON RENEWALS – 08/09/21

We are busy at head office preparing the renewal letters for the 2022 season. We are hoping to post out all the static renewal letters for all parks (including Elliotts) by the end of September, to beat the VAT deadline on 1st October, so that we can again pass the benefits of the lower 5% VAT rate on to our customers.

Your 2022 static rent renewal letter pack will include:

  • A coloured Site Application Form, which is your contract to rent a pitch for your caravan. On the front of the form it tells you what you need to do by the 31st October. The Terms & Conditions are printed on the back. Follow the instructions, check your address and contact details at the bottom, and then sign this form and send it back to us.
  • A white Customer Copy of the Site Application Form with the Terms & Conditions on the back. This is a copy for you to keep.
  • An Electricity Statement, showing you how much electricity you used during the 2021 season.
  • The Frost Precautions form, for you to book our optional winter drain down service.
  • The Information Sheet, containing instructions of what you need to do. This document also contains our bank details if you wish to pay by bank transfer. Remember to put your Surname and Pitch Number as the payment reference. The Park Rules are printed on the back.
  • A Rent Invoice, which we are required to issue to comply with the HMRC VAT regulations to qualify for charging the lower VAT rate on next years rent. You can just file this away.
  • A small coloured Rent Balance slip, for you to use when you send us a cheque for your Rent Balance in Feb. Or you can send it now with a postdated cheque.

We have tried to keep the paperwork to a minimum, and the instructions as clear as possible, but we understand that the paperwork can be confusing, especially for new customers. If you need any help, please call us at head office on 01243 514433 during office hours 9am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri.


Due to last minute price increases from their suppliers, most caravan manufacturers are now warning us that the prices of all ordered caravans might increase during production.

This means we are now in the unusual and unpleasant position of having to warn our customers that the price of the caravan they have ordered could actually increase by the time it is delivered.

While we understand that our customers will not be happy with this arrangement, we would like to explain that the caravan manufacturing industry has been extremely disrupted by covid. At least 80% of all the items in a new caravan are imported from abroad. The companies that supply these items are experiencing shortages and price increases themselves, which they have passed on to the caravan manufacturers. The manufacturers initially tried to swallow these price increases, but eventually realised they could not continue to do so and stay in business.

While we agree that it is not ideal to buy something without knowing exactly how much it will cost, we believe that the manufacturers will keep the price increases to a minimum, and at a time when most caravan manufacturers are producing a fewer caravans than normal, and some have closed their order books entirely until 2023, we appreciate that a few of them are still agreeing to build new caravans for us at this difficult time.


Most Government restrictions will be lifted from 19th July. However, it is apparent that infections rates in the UK are currently rising again, and there have been a few cases that have shown you can still catch coronavirus even if you have had both vaccination jabs, so we advise all our customers to continue to behave in a cautious and sensible way, while enjoying your holidays on our parks.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 10/04/21 2.30pm

As promised, our caravan parks are opening for static caravan owners, seasonal tourers and boat moorings customers at 9am on Monday 12th April.

The park gates will be unlocked at 9am. Please do not enter the park before the gates are unlocked, and remember that all customers must continue to follow the Government’s covid rules on the mixing of households when using their caravans:

  • 12 April to 16 May – Only 1 household is permitted to use a caravan.
  • 17 May to 20 June – Only 2 households are permitted to use a caravan.

As all communal facilities will initially be closed, and visitors are not permitted to enter your caravan to use the toilet, we are asking all caravan owners to delay inviting visitors to the park until 17th May.

Our updated Covid-19 Health & Safety Customer Guidance Notes can be viewed here.


The vaccination program is going well, the numbers are down, Boris’ hair has got its bounce back, and we are confident that we can reopen our parks as per the February plan:

Privately owned Static Caravans on all parks – Will open on 12th April.

Seasonal Tourers at Grey Tower, Tollerton and Thirkleby – Will open on 12th April. Please note that you will initially need to use the washing facilities in your touring caravan/motorhome as the communal washing facilities will not open until 28th May.

Caravan Sales Visits on all parks – Will commence on 12th April. All sales visits will need to be booked in advance. We currently have waiting lists for most of the caravans for sale. Please do not turn up without an appointment.

Hire Caravans at Itchenor, Thirkleby, Elliotts & Bablock – Are reopening on Saturday 1st May. Please note that for the 2021 season all ‘weekly’ hire caravan bookings will run from 3pm Saturday to 3pm Friday to allow extra time for us to clean caravans between bookings to make visits as safe as possible. All prices quoted on our web site are for Saturday to Friday bookings. For Tollerton hire, please call Hoseasons for more information.

Touring & Camping  – Short stay touring and camping holiday will start at Tollerton and Thirkleby on Friday 28th May.

Moorings at Bablock – Will open on 12th April.

Caravan Owner Visits – Visits to perform routine maintenance to caravans and gardens are currently permitted between 29/03/21 and 11/04/21. All visits must be booked in advance with your Park Manager, who will tell you when you can come and how long you can stay. Numbers will be controlled, but we are hoping that every caravan owner will get the chance to visit once before we reopen.


Please do not copy and paste this text to another web site, such as Facebook. Please copy a link to this page, so that if we have to change the message, people will see the most up to date version. Thank you.



Refunds – We will be issuing partial rent refunds to static caravan owners, seasonal tourer customers and boat mooring customers, for the period they could not use their caravans during the coronavirus lockdown at the start of the 2021 season. The refund will be issued as a credit off next years rent.

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