Caravans For Sale

We sell new and used static holiday caravans at very competitive prices, with minimal additional costs. This page lists all the caravans currently for sale on all our holiday parks.

Bablock Hythe (Oxfordshire)

Atlas Mirage200812 x 35 2B£10,500-
Cosalt Madeira Super200512 x 33 2B£11,500 View
Willerby Salisbury200812 x 33 2B£13,750 View
BK Bluebird Seville200812 x 36 2B£14,750-
Willerby Aspen200712 x 37 2B£19,500 View
Willerby Granada200912 x 35 2B£19,500 View
Willerby Isis201112 x 33 2B£19,500 View
Victory Vision201412 x 35 2B£22,500-
Willerby Winchester201112 x 38 2B£24,500 View
Willerby Avonmore201512 x 35 2B£26,000 View
Willerby Lyndhurst201612 x 35 2B£26,500-
Regal Henley
With Large Balcony
201412 x 35 2B£31,500 View
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Elliotts (Hampshire)

Arronbrook Clipper202110 x 24 1BSOLD-
Arronbrook Clipper202110 x 24 1B£27,500-
Arronbrook ClipperNew10 x 26 2B£32,750View
Arronbrook ClipperNew10 x 26 2B£32,750View
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Grey Tower (East Sussex)

Delta Sienna202212 x 32 2BSOLDView
More Caravans Coming Soon ----

Itchenor (West Sussex)

Pemberton AvonNew12 x 35 2B£53,500View
Pemberton MarlowNew12 x 38 2BSOLDView
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Atlas Chorus

Thirkleby Hall (North Yorkshire)

Cosalt Resort199910 x 28 2B£4,000-
Willerby Granada200612 x 38 3BSOLD-
Carnaby Dovedale200612 x 32 2BSOLD View
Atlas Florida201410 x 28 2B£16,500 View
Carnaby Melrose201012 x 34 2B£17,500 View
Willerby Winchester200812 x 38 2BSOLD-
Pemberton Elite201012 x 32 2B£19,000-
Willerby Sunset201312 x 35 2B£19,000 View
ABI Vista201212 x 36 2BSOLD-
Carnaby Ashdale201612 x 36 3B£23,000-
Willerby New Hampton201312 x 38 2B£25,000-
ABI Ambleside
With Large Deck
201614 x 40 2B£38,000-
More Caravans Coming Soon ----

Tollerton (North Yorkshire)

Carnaby Accord201412 x 35 3BSOLD-
Carnaby Accord201412 x 35 3B£16,500-
Carnaby Melrose CL201212 x 36 3B£19,750 View
Delta Sienna202112 x 36 2B£34,500 View
Swift ArdennesNew12 x 38 2B£39,750 View
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* The price shown is the cost of the caravan. For more information on the costs involved in buying a new or used caravan, and answers to other commonly asked questions about buying and owning a holiday caravan on one of our parks, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

1B = 1 Bedroom, 2B = 2 Bedrooms, 3B = 3 Bedrooms. Caravan sizes are given in feet. CL = Center Lounge.

See a new caravan you want to buy but it’s on the wrong park? Ask us and we might be able to move it.

Don’t see any new static caravans you want to buy, but know what you want? Let us know, because we can order any new caravan from any mainstream manufacturer and sell it to you at the recommended retail price.

Looking for cheap caravans for sale? We buy back caravans at the end of the season in October, and then put them up for sale in Nov/Dec. The bargain hunters buy them over the winter. After the peak buying time in May/June they are usually all gone. So you need to  keep an eye on our web site in the winter and then get in touch as soon as you see something suitable.

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