Caravans For Sale

We sell new and used static holiday caravans at the manufacturers recommended retail price or below and with minimal additional costs. This page lists all the caravans currently available for sale on all our holiday parks.

Bablock Hythe (Oxfordshire)

Cosalt Capri Super
200012 x 35£4,750 View
Willerby Westmorland200312 x 28£5,500 View
Willerby Westmorland200212 x 32£5,500 View
Cosalt Resort200310 x 35SOLD View
Carnaby Belvedere200312 x 30£6,500 View
Cosalt Carlton200312 x 33£7,250 View
ABI Brisbane200412 x 32£8,750 View
Cosalt Riviera
Las Palmas
200512 X 36£9,500 View
BK Bluebird Caprice200712 x 36£13,500 View
ABI Trieste
New12 x 36£19,500 View
Carnaby OakdaleNew12 x 32£33,273View
ABI BeverleyNew12 x 36£38,325View
ABI St DavidNew12 x 38£39,258View

Elliotts (Hampshire)

Arronbrook Topaz
New10 x 24£18,500View
Europa Linden New10 x 24£19,725View
Europa CypressNew10 x 23
1 Bedroom
Arronbrook ClipperNew10 x 26£23,500View

Grey Tower (East Sussex)

Pemberton Elite201112 x 28£20,000-
ABI OakleyNew12 x 32£35,250View
Atlas MirageNew 12 x 35£36,700View
ABI St DavidNew12 x 33£37,750View

Itchenor (West Sussex)

Atlas MoonstoneNew12 x 36
(3 bed)
Atlas Chorus 3New12 x 36£39,500View
Carnaby OakdaleNew12 x 35£39,750View
Regal KensingtonNew12 x 36£46,450View

Atlas Chorus

Thirkleby Hall (North Yorkshire)

Willerby Manor200512 x 35£12,500-
Carnaby Roxburgh200512 x 37£17,000 View
Willerby Aspen200512 x 37SOLD View
Stellar Daybreak201112 x 35£18,500 View
Delta Liberty SaffronNew12 x 35£23,400 View
Carnaby OakdaleNew12 x 35£34,816View
Atlas Onyx New12 x 38£38,000View
ABI ClarendonNew12.6 x 40£42,561-
ABI AmblesideNew13 x 40£48,457View
Carnaby EnvoyNew13 x 40£57,250View

Tollerton (North Yorkshire)

Carnaby Belvedere200512 x 32£9,000 View
Atlas Everglade200812 x 32£12,000 View
Delta Brantingham201012 x 38£15,850 View
BK Bluebird Senator200212 x 39£17,000 View
Victory Saffron201212 x 39£27,000 View
Delta Liberty SaffronNew12 x 35£23,400 View
ABI TriesteNew12 x 36£27,633-
ABI Summer BreezeNew12 x 36£32,000View
Victory Sandhurst CLNew12 x 38£35,500View

See a new caravan you want to buy but it’s on the wrong park? Ask us and we might be able to move it.

Don’t see any static caravans you want to buy, but know what you want? Let us know, because we can order any new caravan from any mainstream manufacturer and sell it to you at the recommended retail price.

Looking for cheap caravans for sale? We buy back caravans at the end of the season in October, and then put them up for sale in Nov/Dec. Canny shoppers buy them over the winter. After the peak buying time in May/June they are usually all gone. So you need to keep an eye on our web site in the winter, and make sure the Park Manager has your contact details so they can contact you when something comes up.

Want to know more about buying and owning a holiday caravan on one of our parks? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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