Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have attempted to answer all the most common questions that we get asked about buying and owning a holiday caravan.

Buying A Caravan

How do I go about buying a caravan?
The recommended first step is to choose your favourite caravan park first. Then choose a caravan from what is currently for sale on the park, or let us know if there is a particular model you like and we will order it for you from the manufacturer. Then select a position from the available pitches (new caravans only). Then sign a contract and pay a deposit. We site the caravan, connect it up and get the gas safety check done. You pay the balance, and then you can move in and start enjoying it.

What are the additional costs of buying a NEW static caravan?
This is a key question and is something you should research thoroughly to compare different companies. We think we offer a good deal, because we sell new caravans at the manufacturers recommended retail price, with minimal additional costs.

These costs are:

  • Transport – the cost to transport the caravan from the manufacturers factory to the park – between £1,290 and £2,490 – depending on the park and size of the caravan.
  • Services – the cost for us to site the caravan on a pitch and connect up the water, sewage, electrics and gas, supply 2 large gas bottles, axle stands and steps, and get a qualified gas engineer to perform a gas safety check – between £1,494 and £3,984.
  • Rent – see ongoing costs below.
  • Insurance – see ongoing costs below.

What are the additional costs of buying a SECOND HAND caravan?
If the caravan is already sited on it’s pitch, we charge a £612 Services fee to reconnect and test all utilities, supply a set of steps, a full gas bottle and get a qualified engineer to perform a gas safety check. Then you just pay the ongoing costs.

What are the ongoing costs?
Every year you will have to pay:

  • Rent – for your caravan pitch, which varies per park – between £2,580 and £4,380. The rent is paid in two parts. A deposit of approx £500 is paid in October to reserve your pitch for the following year. The rent balance is then paid in February, so that you are fully paid up before the season starts.
  • Electricity – which is metered and billed annually (at the rate we are charged by our supplier), so you just pay for what you use plus a small standing charge.
  • Gas – which is provided in 19kg or 47kg bottle refills, so you just pay for what you use.
  • Insurance – depends on value of caravan and contents, approx £150 for a cheap secondhand caravan and £400 for a new caravan.

What are the optional extra costs?
If you decide to order a new caravan, there are quite a few optional extras available, such as french windows, net curtains, integrated fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer, extra TV points, three bedrooms, etc. We usually order double glazing, gas central heating and integrated fridge/freezer and include it in the sale price as standard for all new caravans. You can discuss other available optional extras with the Park Manager.

Additional external items and services are:

  • Decking & Skirting – uPVC verandas, through our recommended suppliers.
  • Pavement Slabs – to create a path or patio.
  • Storage Shed – sturdy metal shed.
  • Frost Precautions – optional service to drain down and disconnect your caravan for winter, and reconnect for the next season.

Is Finance available?
We do not offer any finance. You may be able to arrange a loan with your bank or building society.

What deposit is required?
The deposit will vary depending on what you are buying. You should expect to pay approximately 20% of the caravan price as a deposit. The Park Manager will draw up a sales agreement, showing the total cost to be paid, the deposit required, and when the final balance will be paid.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on the caravans?
All new caravans are covered by at least a 1 year warranty. The warranty starts when you buy the caravan from us (as we are acting as an agent for the manufacturer). The white goods in the caravans are all covered by the warranties of their respective manufacturers.

Can I buy a different caravan from those currently sited on the park?
Yes, providing you buy it through us and it will fit on the pitch, you can choose any static caravan or lodge made by any of the main manufacturers. We will order it for you and transport it to the park. This option has been temporarily suspended as the caravan manufacturers have been disrupted by covid and there is currently a 1 to 2 year wait for new caravans.

Can I choose my own pitch?
If you are buying a new caravan, you should be able to choose from all the available empty pitches on the park, providing the caravan will fit on the pitch. Second hand caravans are usually already sited on a pitch, and are sold on that pitch.

Can I reserve a pitch?
We sometimes allow customers to reserve a particular pitch, while they are deciding which caravan to buy. We will initially ask you to pay the pitch rent from now until the end of the season to reserve the pitch for you. At the end of the season you will be given the option of paying the next year’s rent to keep reserving the pitch. This facility has been temporarily suspended as the caravan manufacturers have been disrupted by covid and there is currently a 1 to 2 year wait for new caravans.

Can I move my existing caravan on to one of your parks?
Maybe. Empty pitches are usually reserved for new caravan sales, but if we have enough empty pitches on a particular park, we may allow you to move your caravan on to that park if it is in good condition. Contact us to ask for a Transfer Request Form. When we receive the completed form, we will let you know if we can take it and the transfer costs. We are currently not allowing any static transfers to any of our parks, unless you have a very small caravan and wish to go to Bablock Hythe.

Can I buy a caravan elsewhere and move it to one of your parks?
No. As second hand caravans bought in this way are usually old and in poor condition, we do not allow them on our parks.

Using A Caravan

When can I use the caravan?
You can use your caravan for holidays during the park season, which is set by the local Council, so it varies for each park:

  • Bablock Hythe – 1 April to 31 October
  • Itchenor – 1 March to 31 October + Optional winter licence
  • Elliotts – 1 March to 31 October
  • Grey Tower – 1 March to 31 October
  • Thirkleby Hall – 1 March to 3 January
  • Tollerton – 1 March to 3 January

Can I live on the park?
No. Our holiday parks are for holiday use only. You will need to have a main residential address where you live and pay council tax. You will need to provide us with your main address. In addition, you cannot receive post at the park, or use the park address to apply for any council services.

Can I buy a caravan if I live in Europe?
We can only accept that your main home is in Europe if you have a full residency permit to live in that country.

Can I stay in my caravan for the entire season?
No. Continuous long term occupation of your caravan is not compatible with the notion of holiday use. As a general rule of thumb, we would expect you to spend more time at home than in your caravan.

Do I have to pay council tax?
No. As you are already paying council tax on your main home, you do not need to pay council tax on your holiday caravan.

Can I rent out my caravan?
Renting is not permitted, as we like our parks to remain owner occupied, which keeps them quieter, friendlier and more secure. Occasional lending to friends and family is permitted. Your visitors must be well behaved and obey the park rules.

Can I rent out my home when I am staying in my caravan?
No. If someone else is living in your home, then you are not living there, which makes your caravan your main home, which is not permitted, even on a temporary basis.

Can I use my caravan during the closed period?
Caravans cannot be used during the closed period. However, caravan owners can make an occasional quick visit to inspect and maintain their caravan, for example after a storm or severe frost. Closed period visits must be requested and agreed in advance with the Park Manager.

How long can the caravan stay on the park?
We do not have a caravan age limit rule on any of our parks. Caravans can stay for as long as they are kept in good condition and are fit for purpose. Generally a static caravan should last for 20 years. If it is looked after it can last even longer, and we have some caravans that are over 30 years old.

Vehicles & Parking

How many vehicles can I bring on the park?
Generally, if there is sufficient space, static caravan and lodge owners can bring two cars on to the park. One car can be parked beside your caravan (providing the grass is dry) and one car can be parked in front of the caravan. If required and if feasible, paving slabs can sometimes be laid down in the garden to create all weather parking.
Please note that some parks, eg Elliotts, have narrow roads, and parking is limited.
Please discuss the parking arrangements with the Park Manager when you visit the park.

Do you allow commercial vehicles on the park?
Vans and commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked by your caravan, and must be parked in the main car park. However, if you have a workman/engineer coming to work on your caravan, they may be permitted to park near the caravan while they do the work. All workmen/engineers should report to the Park Manager on arrival, and will then be told where they can drive and where they can park.


Can I add a veranda or skirting?
You can order verandas and skirting through us. We work with two recommended suppliers, who build good quality uPVC verandas, which satisfy the current fire regulations. A caravan veranda generally costs between £3,000 and £8,000, depending on the size, which is restricted by the local Council. Decks cannot extend further than 8 foot from the caravan. You can have a deck on the front end OR the garden side, but not on both at the same time. Due to pitch sizes at Elliotts, caravans can only have a small side deck. Skirting costs approximately £1,500.


Do I get a garden?
The space between your caravan and the next caravan, on the door side, is your garden. We are happy for caravan owners to plant flowers in their gardens, providing they are kept neat and tidy. We will mow the grass, providing you leave enough room for us to get the mower in.

Can I put up a fence?
No. We do not allow any brick or wood fences around caravans on our parks (except at Elliotts where a low picket fence is permitted).

Can I put up a washing line?
In order to keep the parks looking nice for everyone, we do not allow residents to put up washing lines. There are laundry facilities with dryers at all our parks.

Can I get a garden shed?
Yes. We do not permit wooden or plastic sheds on our parks. But you can buy a metal storage shed through the park, except at Elliotts where every caravan pitch comes with a storage building.

Can I get garden furniture?
Yes, providing it can be folded away when not in use and stored in a shed.


Do you allow pets?
Caravan owners are permitted to have pets in their caravans and on the park, providing they are well behaved. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and exercised off the park.
We only allow pets in some of our hire caravans. Please tell us you have a dog when enquiring about caravans for hire.


Can I insure the caravan through you?
Current regulations do not allow us to provide caravan insurance. However we have a recommended insurance agent who provides caravan insurance on all our parks. Caravans can be insured on a “New For Old” basis, or “Market Value”. The cost of insurance varies depending on the amount insured and can range from £100 for an old caravan to £400 for a new caravan.

Do I need to insure my caravan?
Yes. All caravans on our parks must be insured. If you do not get insurance through our agent, you must provide us with a copy of the insurance certificate, and pay a small admin fee for us to inspect it.


Do I have to pay for a television licence?
You do not need to buy a television licence, providing you have a television licence at home, and there is no one in your home watching television at the same time when you are watching television in your caravan.

Is wifi broadband available?
At Itchenor, Elliotts, Thirkleby, Tollerton and Grey Tower, wifi is provided by Signa. There is a £100 installation cost for their engineer to come out and install a wireless router. Then you can pay for the season, or 4 months, 30 days, 1 week, or just 3 days.
At Bablock Hythe wifi is provided by Gigaclear. There is an installation cost for their engineer to come out and run a cable to your caravan, which costs from £95 (but depends on the distance of your caravan to the nearest available junction). Then you pay for the full year. Alternatively at Bablock Hythe, if your broadband use is light, you could get a mobile dongle. Ask the Park Manager for more information.

Can I have post delivered?
No. As this is not a residential address you cannot have post delivered to the park. We understand this may be inconvenient if your main home is abroad, but you can set up a post box at the local post office.

Selling A Caravan

What happens when I want to sell my caravan?
You should inform us in writing that you want to sell. We will inspect the caravan and use the Glass’ guide to assess the correct value, and make you an offer. If we cannot agree a price, you can sell the caravan privately off-site. You cannot sell the caravan on the park, or transfer your site license to another person, without our permission.

What are the costs to leave the park?
You will need to settle your outstanding electricity bill. Then if you sell the caravan to us, there is no additional charge. If you sell the caravan off-site, a desite fee will be payable for us to disconnect the caravan and move it off its pitch. If the caravan reaches the end of it’s life and cannot be moved because the chassis has deteriorated, then a break and dispose fee will be payable.


This page has been created to help people understand the process of buying and owning a holiday caravan. It does not constitute a legal agreement. Figures have been provided to give you a rough idea of the costs involved. Rules and conditions may vary on some parks. When you buy a caravan you will be given a Site Licence, Terms & Conditions, and Park Rules, which contain all the current rules and regulations governing your stay on that park. Please report any mistakes on this page to us.